Rhinoplasty Procedure Before And After

Rhinoplasty is a medical procedure done on the nose. The aim is to perform reconstruction, consequently altering specific features on the organ. In some cases, its referred to as cosmetic surgery. The issue is common in patients who feel the appearance of their nose needs some adjusting.

However, in the case, of medical interventions, the causes could be trauma resulting from blast injuries. The procedure also goes a long way in correcting congenital disabilities between the nose and mouth. Depending on the issues you could face, you must engage a professional surgeon to take you through the procedure.

As most people call it, a nose job might appear a simple task but requires sufficient experience if you want accurate results. The below information will take you through rhinoplasty before and after.

Upon meeting with your medical attendant, they will perform a physical test to evaluate your nose in-depth. The results acquired from the test will determine if your wishes can get aligned with your requirements.

Additionally, they will check your overall health to verify if you can go through the procedure without risks. Once you get a clean bill of health, the surgeon will describe what they will do step by step. It will help to prepare you psychologically for what is on rhinoplasty before and after.

Since the procedure requires minimal time, you can have it done in an outpatient institution. It relieves you of worrying about spending the whole night in the hospital. On the big day, the doctor will administer local anesthesia. Your nose will become numb, but the rest of your body will be functioning. The first step is to make cuts on the nostrils to reveal the bone and cartilage.

According to your wishes, the surgeon rebuilds the bone to a more desirable pattern. Upon completion, you will stay for an hour or two then get discharged.

What follows is the recovery phase. It is the most critical of all situations. Before getting discharged, you will get pain relievers and a set of instructions on how to handle the situation.

For the first few weeks, you will use a nasal splint. Otherwise, the nose will swell, and some bruises also appear around your eyes. However, after the third day, you will start getting relief. In the following three to six weeks, you have to stay off strenuous activities. If you follow all the given advice, then the recovery process becomes smoother.

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