The Importance and Benefits of Dancing

Ballroom Dances

These dances were first seen in Italy during the initial resurgence years. This dance grew popular with time and spread all over Europe, The United States, and all over the world. Even though several other types of simple and easily performed dances made the ballroom dances to lose the influence they previously had, the recent dancing audience has been seen to resurrect these dances at an amazing pace.

Professional performance dance

This type of dance was initialized in the maiden years of Italian Resurgence. It was during this period that music, poetry, art, and dance were seen to become more and more popular after the long period of old fashioned stagnation. Thanks to the efforts put in by France and Russia, ballet developed as the prime technical form of concert dance. This dance has been praised as one of the most valued and complicated dance styles of all time, and it has been on the rise since then.

In recent years, other dances have been seen to develop for instance the Modern Dance, Contemporary dance, and the concert dance among others. Among all these new dances none has been seen to have an edge over ballet.

Modern Dances

Developments in the music types and genres have brought about a number of new dances. For instance, the birth of rock and electronic music came with the House, rave, punk, and disco dances. The country of India was not fazed by those dance styles and following their staunch religious beliefs, they blended the dance of their everyday gods to daily life and it was seen to be advantageous especially to the Bollywood movie scene.

Hip-hop & Funk dance

The hip hop dance style was derived from the music style initialized in the early 1970s. This music was hugely popular as it was its exposure in media, television programs, and movies. The Hip hop dances found great ground in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and South Korea. Funk, a style that is closely related to Hip Hop was also created during the same period of time and is even seen as one of the most prolific of the Hip Hop dance styles.

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