Learning More About The New Hampshire Hearing Institute

Modern life is characterized by vast amounts of stimulation to our various senses. We are continually bombarded by visual and auditory information – and sometimes we can be simply become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of that information. In the case of auditory information, the volume at which it is supplied can have long-term effects on our hearing. Hearing damage can be caused by workplace noise in a factory or industrial setting – and that is only one example.

However, a loss of hearing to a certain degree is often the result of aging. Hereditary factors and conditions like heart disease can also play their part in a loss of hearing acuity, as can viral or bacterial infections, the use of certain medications, and life-changing events such as strokes.

Whatever the reason those who are suffering from hearing loss now have access to professional medical practitioners who specialize in providing solutions that can restore hearing. For those in the Manchester and Southern New Hampshire region the expert audiologists (who all hold doctoral degrees in Audiology) at the New Hampshire Hearing Institute will provide world-class advice and treatment that can dramatically improve the quality of life for those who are suffering from hearing loss.

Those who make use of the varied services available at the New Hampshire Hearing Institute will receive advice on the prevention of hearing loss, as well as the identification of the hearing issue and an assessment of which treatment would best suit the individual. This can in some cases includes advice on the non-medical treatment of hearing disorders.

Tinnitus is one of the conditions that the audiologists at the Institute have vast experience in treating. For sufferers of this condition living with tinnitus can affect both their personal and professional lives and the treatments available at the Institute can make a very real difference to their quality of life. In addition to tinnitus treatment, the audiologists at the Institute will recommend (and supply hearing aids)that will dramatically improve the hearing of those who have suffered sudden hearing loss, as well as a progressive loss of hearing. these experts will also provide advice and protective equipment to those who are exposed to loud noise and wish to ensure that they do not suffer from debilitating hearing loss.

If you or someone you know is suffering from hearing loss or a hearing condition that is adversely affecting their quality of life and you are in the Manchester or Southern New Hampshire area a visit to the New Hampshire Hearing Institute may very well prove to be a life-changing event.

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